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Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Download Games NFSMW

Free Download Games Need For Speed Most Wanted (NFS RIP) Full Version
In need for speed most wanted, we asked to get the bounty before it can compete with the Black list. Well actually it's what's bounty?

Bounty is the point offense that we collect. So the more we like a lot of traffic violation, strike the police, driving at high speed (speeding), refused to stop, hit the gas station, other cars, traffic lights, police posts, etc., then the bounty we will multiply. In essence, make the damage as much as possible.
Typically, each having a minimum bounty Black list that we must accomplish in order to fight against the black list in question. Like it or not we should be able to collect the bounty, it's how it should fight or challenge the police.

Besides the bounty, we are also asked to get the milestone. Milestone is a challenge to work on the police, such as, passing several Roadblock, to immobilize how many police cars, escape from police for several minutes and so on.

Well, we sometimes difficult to get a bounty or milestones because the police seized trigger. Here are some tricks to get the bounty and milestones of my version:

1. Brakes-Brake

Most of us, because it wants too eager to drive the gas pool continues. For that, try to use the braking time of turn, or gas off the streets hard time, so you more easily control the vehicle speed.

If the vehicle swerved, you can press the nitro to the vehicle drove straight.
2. Car Choice

To fight against the police, I usually prefer a heavier vehicle, because when it crashed into a police car, the vehicle remains stable. For the early levels (blacklist 15, 14, 13) I like to use the Lexus, but to the next level, because the lexus too heavy, I used the Mitsubishi. As for the race, I prefer to use the Cayman because of better control and speed of the prime.
3. Passing through the Roadblock and Spike

For the past Roadblock or spike (spikes mounted on the street), there own way. When you look at the Roadblock, or spike, press the G immediately that will make slow motion, so you could observe the Roadblock. Furthermore, quickly press G again to slow motion to be lost. A hit in the back of the police car, which is a weak point (because the front of the car there was a machine, heavier). If there are spikes, do not hit spikenya, but beat it in the back of his car. Next press nitro deeply.
4. How to quickly get milestones

To get the milestone quickly, do Photo Bucket in advance, because the photo bucket but will get a milestone, you also get money. Next, find the race with maximum probability cop, so you can race again. try to win, then you will be chased by the police. When you are chased by the police, immediately press M to bring up the Map. Click on one of distant places in the map (marked with triangles), so you can GPS guide to that place. Then please chased by police, but you already have a destination. When police got there is still stubborn, too, re-press M and select another distant place. And so on until the cooling down mode appears. when it appears, press M and select a loop in the folder for your hide.
5. How Fast Can Bounty

To get the bounty quickly, after chasing the police and you feel you are not able to handle it, go to the bus station, and catching a bus lined up on the roof of the parallelogram. Wait some time until you complete milestones and bounty. When the police lose your trail, go down and come to the police, and then back again onto the roof of the bus. While waiting on the roof of the bus, you should not be complacent, because it may be one of the car found its way to the top, so you will Busted. And ran back onto the roof of the bus by turning.

When you are bored or milestone is enough, get out of there as fast as the speed and follow step 4 above.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP or 2000
CPU: 1.4 GHz or faster
RAM: 256 MB or more
Disc Drive: 8x or faster CD/DVD drive
Hard Drive: 3 GB or more free space
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible (see right)
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Input: Keyboard, mouse, or USB Steering Wheel/Gamepad
Video card with 32 MB or more memory and one of these chipsets is required: ATI Radeon 7500 or greater; ATI Radeon Xpress 200; NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/GTS or greater; Intel 950/i915g; S3 GammaChrome S18 Pro
Multiplayer requires 1 set of discs per PC and a broadband (Cable, DSL, or faster) connection.
Internet or LAN (2-4 players)

System Requirements for full detail level on 1280x1024 (Thanks to Nico) Note: You might be able to play on full detail level and 1280x1024 with slightly lower requirements.
OS: Windows XP
CPU: 3 Ghz or faster
RAM: Atleast 1 GB
Disc Drive: DVD reader
Hard Drive: 3 GB or more free space
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Input: Keyboard, Mouse or Steering Wheel/Gamepad
Video Card: Atleast an NVidia 5900 or ATi 9800 with 256mb of video memory
Multiplayer requires 1 set of discs per PC and a broadband (Cable, DSL or faster) connection.
Internet or LAN (2-4 players)
Download Here :

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